Since 2001, the Hayfield Robotics Team has been coming together every year to build robots and go to competitions with said robots. While most of the team’s manpower has come from Hayfield, people from all around the area have been coming together to help our team thrive and strive for success. Even though Hayfield is a secondary school (meaning we have a middle school as well) the team primarily uses high school students for the often complicated and advanced machinery and coding. Throughout the many different competitions Hayfield has been to, the best of Hayfield’s programmers have had to come up with new and complex algorithms to be competitive. While we may not always win, we always bring our best, and it’s always a learning experience for everybody involved in the building process.

Department Leads:

Business Leads Danielle Azu, Nattacha Munakata
Mechanical Team Leads Rachel Harris
Programming Lead JD Hernandez
Spirit Lead Linsey Asbury
Strategy Lead Hoon Kim, Griffin Blyler
Web-Dev Leads Abel Tesfaye, Justin Carter
Design Lead Milka Mered